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Lia Rojas

Kisah Lia Rojas (2-Habis): Begitu Berilslam, Tiba-tiba Ia Malu Melihat Kakinya Terbuka dan Bercelana Pendek

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Lia Rojas embraced Islam since six months ago. Previously, a woman from Dallas, Texas, embraced the Catholic since childhood. She bersyahadat after studying Islam for one year.
Rojas has a unique process in finding Islam. Initially, she is a Catholic religious teacher candidates intend to delve deeper into the teachings of their religion as a provision to give teachings to his disciples.

The plan, she will bring the materials 'Why Catholic'. Before giving out material that, she was really prepared. Nearly eight months she was trying to equip themselves for teaching. Who would have thought, when she intends to delve deeper into the Catholic religion, she just 'stumbled' Islam.

Had she told a Muslim friend, the friend of the 'push' the light of Islam. "I have several Muslim friends but I do not know they were Muslims. I told them about my class and how I am learning about Islam, "said Rojas.

Rojas then given a copy of the Qur'an in English which he learned further. During the eight months' time, she actually studied Islam more than deepen the Catholic religion.

A process to the light of Islam are found with the way he'd never think of. Since then, she no longer went to church. She even canceled classes teach Catholic, a task that was originally entrusted to her.

Almost like another convert, Rojas also studied the Koran over the internet. "Then I began to visit the mosque," she said.
When found the guidance of Islam, Rojas now suggest it is Allah who has saved her from all blindness she had ever gone through. "Before we pray to Mary or Jesus to help us. I was 40 years old and I almost did not realize it (a mistake in prayer), "she said.

She now realizes Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, but Mary was not the mother of God. "I just can not believe that I've been so blind," she said.

Many things that can not be disclosed Lia Rojas, converts from Dallas, Texas, when I first say the shahada. "It's very special. That's incredible, "she said.

Rojaz admit it's hard at first to receive the response of family and friends. But since an open mind she believes no longer possible to continue to survive with the Catholic religion that was followed. Initially there are many friends who suddenly  refrain , but it's not a problem for Rojas.

When I first say the shahada, Rojas conditions very much different than now. Now she wears a headscarf. First, she still likes to wear shorts and tank top.

There is quite a strange occurrence when early convert to Islam. At that time, she intends to go shopping, she suddenly froze in the car. "When the going down of the car for shopping, I suddenly felt embarrassed to see my feet (still open)," she said.

He was so stunned that she could not get out of the car. Three times to try out, but she felt powerless. She began to wonder what was going on, all of a sudden she felt ashamed of what she was wearing on the body. "I went home and cried," she said. That was the beginning Rojas became acquainted with the hijab.

She who has now become a Muslim just thank God for the guidance provided. "Thank God, if I die today I will die as a Muslim," she said.

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